Muntin Bar Applications

We offer the following Glazing Tapes:

CustomLink 3493 Thickness - 0.040” (40 mil, 1/32”, 1.0mm) Available in Black with a blue filmic release liner.
ProLink 1000R Thickness - 0.040” (40 mil, 1/32”, 1.0mm) Available in Clear with a blue filmic release liner.
FoamLink 1603 Thickness - 0.064” (63 mil, 1/16”, 1.6mm) Available in Black or White with a blue filmic release liner.
FlexLink 1100R Thickness - 0.045” (43 mil, 3/64”, 1.1mm) Available in White with a blue filmic release liner.

* For technical and application information please see the related data sheets BELOW

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With the increase in demand for Georgian and Colonial style windows and doors, USA Glazing Tapes offer manufacturers an efficient method of bonding Simulated Divided light (SDL) Grilles, muntin bars to the glazing unit in either a window system or door. Our high performance range of double sided adhesive tapes are the ideal material to help reduce application time and production costs.


Available in three types...
CustomLink in Black
ProLink in Clear pure acrylic
FoamLink in Black or White foam
FlexLink in White pure acrylic

  • Fantastic adhesion to painted Wood, Glass and Muntin Bar surfaces.
  • 100% waterproof bond.
  • Excellent resistance to stress and vibration.
  • Compensates for thermal expansion and contraction.
  • Resists UV exposure and withstands household cleaners.
  • Broad range of heat resistance from sub zero to high temperature. *
  • Simple to apply and has consistent thickness.
  • Available in a range of widths.
  • Easy to remove blue filmic release ltiner.

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CustomLink 3493 technical specification
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ProLink 1000R technical specification
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FoamLink 1603 technical specification
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FlexLink 1100R technical specification